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[100% Free] First Steps into Recruitment and Selection

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Nevcihan Dogan

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First Steps into Recruitment and Selection

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First Steps into Recruitment and Selection

A good recruitment process can reduce the time involved in searching, interviewing, recruiting, and training. It can streamline these procedures and make your search more efficient for viable candidates.

Remember, top talent will not always find you.

You must seek out people to fill the positions that you have open. So, in this course, we’ll learn together, the following:

Defining recruitment

  • Understanding the selection process

  • Recognising the GROW model

  • Interview and question process

  • Identifying and avoiding bias

  • Discovering ways to retain talent and measure growth

Your ability to retain workers and your overall employer brand deteriorate if your talent pool doesn’t align with your business.

In many ways, recruiting should take into account these functions because employer branding makes candidates want to apply in the first place.

The companies which want to grow fast but steady knows that it can only be achieved when they have the perfect combination of employees and for that recruitment is of utmost importance.

Whether your candidate will turn out to be an asset for the company or a liability, all depends on how you recruit people.

It is a costly affair, so when you are delving with recruitment you must be very careful about it because one wrong move will create a big hole in your pocket.

So, let’s get started and I wish you a happy learning!

Who is this course for:

  • Professionals in Recruitment
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