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[100% Free] Persuasion Psychology – skills you need to increase sales

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Jakub Barc

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Persuasion Psychology – skills you need to increase sales

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Course Description

Welcome to my course on the Art of Persuasion – designed with business and sales in mind – where you will learn how efficiently close 90% of your sales so you can successfully grow your business, generating more leads and connections.

I have spent last 12 years working and leading marketing and sales departments in the best hotels all around the world, mastering the art of effective Persuasion and sales.

I designed this course for people who want to learn the amazing Art of Persuasion, which will completely change the way you’re selling products and convincing people.

In this course, you will master:

–  very effective persuasion techniques.

– service basics – I will tell you why is it important; how to create memorable experience for your prospect

– generating more leads and creating genuine and lasting connections – by making people excited about you

– using the most powerful kind of marketing – I will show you the exact mechanism, and how to benefit from it

– creating the loyalty. You will understand why return customers should be your number 1 priority

– principles of Persuasion, along with its most important rules – straight from its creator – ancient Greek philosopher –  Aristotle

As a bonus – I will also take you through professional personality check to optimize your sales!



Who is this course for:


  • Entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to learn how to close up to 90% of their sales and how to convince people in an efficient way


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