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[100% Free] Cloud Computing vs On-Premise Infrastructure Solutions

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John Courtenay

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IT & Software

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Cloud Computing vs On-Premise Infrastructure Solutions

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Course Description

Over this course, you’ll learn the different types of infrastructure that are available to organisations and the advantages of each, course topics are as follows:


* An overview of the different types of IT infrastructure

* Allocating resources using public and private cloud services as well as some information on cloud networking

* Some details for on-premise environments and how this would compare to a public or private cloud.

* An overview of the advantages of using a hybrid solution within your organisation

* How to connect on-premise and cloud solutions to each other, which is often required even if your company is only using cloud for backups.

* An overview of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and how they work in relation to on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions.

* A comparison of the different costs to expect when choosing an infrastructure solution

* An overview of licensing and data backups


Note that whilst the contents of this course are intended to provide a basic understanding of IT infrastructure types, specific requirements are unique to each organisation, meaning that you should analyse your own environment carefully before making any large financial decisions and seek professional advice from either the cloud provider of your choice and also any equipment manufacturers, as they can advise on any specifics that are unique to them.

Who is this course for:


  • IT Support Technicians that wish to learn more about on-premise, cloud and hybrid infrastructure solutions


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