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Dog Training – How to Work With Aggressive Dogs.

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Ted Efthymiadis

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Dog Training – How to Work With Aggressive Dogs.

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Course Description

Updated July 2018. (E-collar Training For Pet Dogs + Prong Collar Training for Pet Dogs)

This is the most comprehensive look at dog rehabilitation ever compiled for dog owners and dog trainers. This video series is four DVD’s in length and it takes four dogs, (Lexi, Sulley, Jayda, Meadow) from human/dog aggressive to the freedom of off leash socialization around people and dogs.

Please note that this is NOT a 100% positive training protocol.

If you are struggling with your dog and would like the most in-depth, step by step guide to achieving more freedom and trust with your dog, look no further. Our basic approach to training is easy for follow as it is laid out in a step by step, week to week format.
Issues you will see discussed and addressed:

  • Building your dogs desire for food.

  • All the tools and methods needed to achieve success.

  • Ecollar conditioning (electric collar training)

  • Fear based reactivity and aggression to dogs and people.

  • Off leash training using our positive prompt system by utilizing food and ecollar.

  • Place command with implied stay.

  • Leash walking the reactive/aggressive dog.

  • On and off leash socialization.

  • Video introduction and methodology overview

  • Tools

  • Building food drive

  • Methodology of motivation

  • First day with the dogs

  • Training the place command

  • Leash walking tools and leash reactivity

  • Training the recall with distractions

  • On/off leash socialization with dogs

  • Finishing up with the dogs

Who is this course for:

  • This video course was made for someone who is struggling with their aggressive dogs behaviour
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