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MERN eCommerce From Scratch

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Brad Traversy

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MERN eCommerce From Scratch

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Course Description

There are a lot of “eCommerce” courses out there, but most use some kind of prebuilt plugin or platform. In this course, we will build a completely customized eCommerce / shopping cart application from scratch with the MERN stack with the following functionality…

  • Full featured shopping cart

  • Product reviews and ratings

  • Top products carousel

  • Product pagination

  • Product search feature

  • User profile with orders

  • Admin product management

  • Admin user management

  • Admin Order details page

  • Mark orders as delivered option

  • Checkout process (shipping, payment method, etc)

  • PayPal / credit card integration

  • Custom database seeder script

This is not a documentation-type course. This is a jump in and get your hands dirty course where by the end, you have an actual real-world project to use and put on your portfolio. You will learn the following by completing this course..

  • React with Functional Components & Hooks

  • React router

  • React-Bootstrap UI library

  • How to structure components

  • Component level state & props

  • Managing global state with Redux (Actions & Reducers)

  • Using Redux state in components (useDispatch & useSelector)

  • Creating an extensive back end with Express

  • Working with a MongoDB database and the Mongoose ODM

  • JWT authentication (JSON web tokens)

  • Creating custom authentication middleware

  • Custom error handler

  • Integrating the PayPal API

  • Environment variables

  • Project deployment

  • Much more!

Who is this course for:

  • Full stack web developers that want to learn MERN by building a real-world app
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