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confronting the post-truth machine

If this pandemic is instructing us something, it’s that consultants disagree, no person has all of the solutions, and we’re principally making issues up as we go. In a disaster you will need to act however much more importantly to study as we take motion. Add within the human issue that some persons are at all times making an attempt to make the most of any scenario and we begin to float in a liquid encompass of misinformation, propaganda, half-truths, and generally utter crap of the post-truth machines.

As of yesterday our authorities began to advertise the sporting of non-medical masks in public. Last week our public well being consultants mentioned that individuals didn’t know the best way to put on masks correctly so they need to not put on them. Overnight we’ve grow to be skilled masks wearers, as we’re all skilled hand-washers.

In the meantime a regular, and low-cost, malarial drug is being promoted in some corners for COVID-19 remedy. Other medical consultants say it’s not applicable and maybe harmful. Meanwhile some international locations are stockpiling the drug and a few corporations are able to make a revenue. But it is a low-cost drug and greater income could be created from a brand new drug.

If you need to know why most selections are made — comply with the cash. Researchers need to uncover breakthrough medicine. Pharmaceutical corporations want worthwhile medicine. Usually governments need what’s finest for residents, however this isn’t at all times the case.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” —Einstein [attributed]. We are on the finish of The Enlightenment — and all of the establishments and scientific disciplines it fostered — and  getting into The Entanglement.

“As we are becoming more entangled with our technologies, we are also becoming more entangled with each other. The power (physical, political, and social) has shifted from comprehensible hierarchies to less-intelligible networks. We can no longer understand how the world works by breaking it down into loosely-connected parts that reflect the hierarchy of physical space or deliberate design. Instead, we must watch the flows of information, ideas, energy, and matter that connect us, and the networks of communication, trust, and distribution that enable these flows.” —The Long Now Foundation 2019-12-26

Experts and experience aren’t sufficient for our society to make sense of the complexities we’ve helped to create. For instance, advanced scientific fields are the realm of analysis establishments, like universities.  It takes a very long time to achieve experience, and competence is conferred by means of peer assessment. But peer review has its problems and far of the analysis is printed within the language of specialists that solely the choose few can decipher. There can be little incentive within the extremely aggressive (for analysis funding) fields of scientific analysis to publish broadly or to synthesize analysis in order that it’s comprehensible by the common grownup. Each silo of analysis is loyal to itself.

To join disparate fields there’s a rising want for neo-generalists, trusted filters, and the breaking down of silos. Entangled thinking requires variety. It additionally requires particular person thinking, particularly in chaos. General Roméo Daillare advised in a radio interview this morning that in instances of chaos, it’s typically finest to go together with our intestine intuition — particularly if we’ve a very good understanding of the present context, and maybe a greater understanding than the consultants.

For occasion, we began sporting non-medical masks in public final week. My studying about transmission of the virus by non-symptomatic individuals had me conclude that if everybody wore one, there was a very good probability that it might sluggish the unfold. Wearing a masks value me little, was not a hazard to me,  and didn’t harm anybody else. However, a number of medical consultants warned that sporting these masks was not a good suggestion and repeated recommendation to not put on one. As of yesterday, that skilled recommendation modified. It jogged my memory of the skilled recommendation to not go down the steps in the course of the 2001-09-11 Twin Towers explosion and hearth. Many of those that ignored this recommendation survived.

I’m not saying that we must always ignore all skilled recommendation. However, we’ve to assume for ourselves day-after-day and assist make our networked society smarter. An skilled is merely one node in an entangled data community.

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