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PKM in practice

What is cognitive load?

“When the brain has to deal with multiple elements of information, difficult material, and you have to manipulate or process those different elements, working memory can struggle. It imposes a heavy working load on working memory – that is cognitive load … Intrinsic cognitive load is the load complex material places on working memory. It is subjective, intrinsic and there’s not much you can do about it. Extraneous cognitive load is in the designed instruction and can be redesigned to reduce cognitive load.” —Donald Clark

Worked examples can reduce cognitive load, in accordance analysis by John Sweller, which is reviewed by Donald Clark in the quote above. “A labored instance is a step-by-step demonstration of the best way to carry out a activity or the best way to resolve an issue”, based on Psychology Wiki. Cognitive load administration is among the four beneficial skills that may be acquired throughthe practice of personal knowledge mastery (PKM). For instance, off-loading some cognitive duties to an exterior community or group of practice supplies time to focus or mirror.

Based on Future Work Skills 2020 — Institute for the Future

While PKM is designed to reduce the cognitive load, studying the best way to develop this disciplined method to sensemaking can truly improve the cognitive load. I’ve made just a few makes an attempt at creating one thing like a labored instance in the previous two years.

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Simplifying the Complexity

One of my most fascinating tasks was when a consumer gave me an announcement of labor that merely said — ‘simplify the complexity’. That was it.

I had labored with firm on a year-long undertaking to rework how office studying was supported — working smarter case study. About a yr after this undertaking was completed I used to be requested to assist once more. With the adjustments that had been made to office studying — Do-It-Yourself Learning, Just-in-Time Support, Performance Consulting — there was a query about what applied sciences had been wanted to assist the brand new mannequin. The head of  IT requested the pinnacle of studying what suite of instruments was wanted to assist studying in the office. It was a easy query however there no template accessible to say what was wanted and what was not. I didn’t have a solution however accepted the undertaking, pretty assured that I, the consumer, and my community may determine it out.

I began by going by my outboards brains. I had library of social bookmarks on Diigo [I’m shifting to Pinboard]. I additionally searched my weblog for any clues on the best way to tackle the query. At the identical time I watched my feeds on Twitter and Feedly for something associated to this problem. I contacted just a few individuals over a number of weeks and mentioned our undertaking. I additionally began enjoying round by visualizing completely different fashions.

I can attribute few issues to the success of this undertaking. My ‘outboard brains’, based mostly on a number of years of curation gave me a wealthy set of assets to initially search. A couple of clues emerged from these. In addition, as I used to be now attuned to my quest, I used to be in a position to serendipitously discover extra clues that got here by my social media feeds. Many conversations with my purchasers helped to higher perceive the state of affairs and play with options.

The answer that was developed was a visible template with seven elements that had been wanted to assist office studying. Any expertise platform might be analyzed by this template to see what sides it supported. An entire suite of instruments must cowl all seven. This grew to become a fast manner for the educational specialists to narrate to the IT specialists. In the top I used to be in a position to develop a easy lens to guage present and future instruments in opposition to the educational and efficiency necessities of the corporate. Since this undertaking I’ve been in a position to make use of the template in a number of different tasks. It’s present model is proven under.

I didn’t have an answer at hand for this undertaking however I felt that with my prolonged community I might be capable of resolve their drawback. In the top the consumer was glad and I used to be paid greater than what we had initially contracted for — day!

I offered this case in London just a few years in the past, which was recorded — video.

“Chance favours the connected mind.” — Steven B. Johnson

Another case the place my PKM practice helped out was after I was requested to conduct analysis on “new trends in training in the context of the knowledge economy and the social web” for a web-based college. The finances was for 80 hours work for a graduate pupil. This was the equal of about sooner or later of my consulting service price, so it didn’t look very interesting. However, the undertaking had been designed from the attitude that the researcher was comparatively new to the sphere. I made a decision to take the undertaking and in lower than sooner or later I used to be in a position to collate years of my very own analysis on office studying by my ‘outboard brains’. I additionally included a few papers I had already written as a bonus deliverable. My consumer was in a position to make use of these as the primary references for a brand new program they had been growing. PKM in this case was a catalyst for enhanced serendipity!

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