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learning in the flow of work

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learning in the flow of work

Networked people in a linked society:

  1. Our rising inter-connectedness illuminates the want for cooperation.
  2. Simple work retains getting automated, however nonetheless wants human oversight.
  3. Complicated work will get automated, outsourced, or contracted to the lowest price of doing enterprise.
  4. Complex work can present a novel enterprise benefit — however complicated work is troublesome to repeat.
  5. Creative work can discover new alternatives — however inventive work is commonly intangible and continually evolves.
  6. Complex and artistic work require larger implicit information.
  7. Implicit information is troublesome to share and takes time to know.
  8. Implicit information is commonly developed by conversations and social relationships.
  9. Social learning networks — with trusted relationships — allow higher and quicker information suggestions loops.
  10. Hierarchies constrain social interactions — so command & management administration fashions want to vary.
  11. Learning amongst ourselves is integral to complicated and artistic work.
  12. Social learning is how work will get accomplished in a networked society.
  13. Management’s major job is to assist social learning.
  14. Work is learning, and [mostly informal] learning is the work.

This is actual learning in the flow of work— linked, social, and human.

What is workflow learning? —Jay Cross (2005)

As we enter an age of casual and workflow learning, authority is much less centralized than ever earlier than. “Learning is best understood as an interaction among practitioners, rather than a process in which a producer provides knowledge to a consumer,” says Etienne Wenger, a social researcher and champion of communities of follow.

We people exist in networks. We are half of social networks. Our heads include neural networks. Learning consists of making and sustaining higher connections to our networks, be they social, operational, industrial, or leisure. Rich learning will at all times be greater than a matter of bits flowing backwards and forwards, however the metaphor of learning-as-networking provides us a option to describe how learning might be embedded in work itself.

We’ve basically outgrown the definition of learning as a person exercise. We’ve moved again to the apprenticeship mannequin, albeit at a better stage. We study in context, with others, as we dwell and work. Recognizing this reality is the first step to crafting an efficient workflow learning technique.

learning in the flow of work


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