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New Images of a Fading Betelgeuse

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The crimson star Betelgeuse within the Orion constellation has been fading for months.


Jan. 2019

Dec. 2019

A pair of photos launched on Valentine’s Day by the European Southern Observatory exhibits how the massive, diffuse star has dimmed and adjusted its obvious form.

Jan. 2019

(earlier than dimming)

Jan. 2019

(earlier than dimming)

Jan. 2019

(earlier than dimming)

The current dimming is unprecedented in fashionable observations of Betelgeuse, and astronomers are watching to see if the star will brighten once more or probably explode in a supernova.

Below, a brief video exhibits the placement of Betelgeuse within the shoulder of Orion, and zooms in to the seen floor of the star.

ESO/Pierre Kervella/Miguel Montargès et al.

For extra on Betelgeuse’s dimming, see:
Waiting for Betelgeuse to Explode.

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Images by European Southern Observatory/Miguel Montargès et al. Magnitude knowledge from the American Association of Variable Star Observers.

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