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in spite of the stupid

If you discover that folks on social media tend towards anger and outrage there’s one motion all of us can take to diffuse the state of affairs. It’s easy, however first now we have to cease and assume. If there’s however one follow that can assist make social media extra civil, it’s to all the time learn the total article or reference earlier than sharing and particularly earlier than commenting. In brief — RTFM.

I just lately posted a hyperlink to an article on Twitter — How McKinsey Destroyed the Middle Class — with this quote, In impact, administration consulting is a software that permits companies to switch lifetime workers with short-term, part-time, and even subcontracted staff, employed beneath ever extra tightly managed preparations … Technocratic administration, regardless of how sensible, can’t unwind the structural inequalities which are dismantling the American center class.” I don’t agree with all the article however there’s some reality that enormous consultancies have helped to do away with center administration, blocking profession development for staff on the backside of the hierarchy, and shifting non-management personnel to contracted or part-time staff.

I obtained this response to my tweet from somebody I have no idea, Do I have to learn the entire thing earlier than I disagree with it? Blaming administration consulting corporations for selections made by the businesses that rent them?That first sentence is indicative of a dominant behaviour on social media networks. It is reflective of the Internet of Beefs the place the one goal is to win an argument, to not perceive. We all might have commented on one thing that we didn’t hassle to learn in full. But we have to see that behaviour for what it does — it makes us silly. Our stupidity could be contagious, says Nicholas Christakis.

“Most of us are already aware of the direct effect we have on our friends and family; our actions can make them happy or sad, healthy or sick, even rich or poor. But we rarely consider that everything we think, feel, do, or say can spread far beyond the people we know. Conversely, our friends and family serve as conduits for us to be influenced by hundreds or even thousands of other people. In a kind of social chain reaction, we can be deeply affected by events we do not witness that happen to people we do not know. It is as if we can feel the pulse of the social world around us and respond to its persistent rhythms. As part of a social network, we transcend ourselves, for good or ill, and become a part of something much larger. We are connected.” —Connected

So allow us to all work on making our networks slightly smarter. The essence of personal knowledge mastery is — Seek > Sense > Share. We can begin the journey to smarter networks with one other alliterative reminder — Read > Reflect > Respond.

leadership is helping make the network smarter

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