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It is informative to have your work mirrored again by others who’ve interpreted it in their very own methods. This suggestions will get built-in into my very own persevering with improvement of my sensemaking frameworks. Making these frameworks as simple as attainable, however no extra, has been my work since 2003 after I determined to grow to be a freelancer and begin running a blog my concepts ‘in the open’.

“One of the golden rules of sense-making is that any framework or model that can’t be drawn on a table napkin from memory has little utility. The reason for this is pretty clear, if people can use something without the need for prompts or guides then there are more likely to use it and as importantly adapt it. Models with multiple aspects, more than five aspects (its a memory limit guys live with it) or which require esoteric knowledge are inherently dependency models. They are designed to create a dependency on the model creator” —Dave Snowden (2015)

Karen Jeannette confirmed what PKM and Seek > Sense> Share meant to her.

Image: Karen Jeannette

A distinct interpretation based mostly on the identical framework was sketched by Rachel Burnham, utilizing a gardening metaphor.

Image: Rachel Burnham

It is simple to recollect Seek > Sense > Share. From there, extra detailed representations will be developed, based mostly on expertise and reflection, the place the core framework isn’t depending on me. Over the years, many variations and routines have been developed by others. But the core message stays — search various views, develop private sensemaking routines, and share the place applicable.

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