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“diversity trumps ability”

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“diversity trumps ability”

High tolerance for ambiguity is a vital ability as we stay and work in more and more advanced, networked environments. Navigating by means of turbulent occasions requires the power to take care of ambiguity by looking for and making sense by means of a various community of connections of individuals and information. The broader and deeper our connections, the higher we are able to take care of ambiguity. The capability to Seek, Sense & Share so as to deal with the complexity of the networked age is just not a ‘nice-to-have’ optionally available method to skilled studying, it’s a necessity. A range of connections and experiences will increase our capability to take care of ambiguity.

[Associate Professor Andrea] Leung discovered that the benefits of dwelling overseas accrue to those that are keen to adapt themselves to the methods of their host nation: “The serendipitous creative benefits resulting from multicultural experiences,” she writes, “may depend on the extent to which individuals open themselves to foreign cultures.” This openness, she provides, features a tolerance for ambiguity and open-endedness, a scarcity of closure and agency solutions. —Time 2014-04-29

We have know this for some time. A 2004 report by RAND said that, “Individuals who can exploit diversity to generate new knowledge about customers, suppliers, products, and services will be more likely to succeed in a competitive global environment”. To guarantee numerous views and the power to take care of ambiguity, organizations must relinquish management. As Dave Snowden notes, “The extra you face uncertainty, the extra inefficient your organisation must be, as a result of that leaves room for resilience”. This is the problem for all giant organizations.

Diversity is our secret weapon to take care of complexity and ambiguity. In the e book Future Perfect, Steven B. Johnson discusses the work of Scott E. Page who states that, “Diversity trumps capability”.

Take two teams of people and assign to every one some sort of downside to unravel. One group has a better common IQ than the opposite, and is extra homogenous in its composition. One group, say, is all medical doctors with IQs above 130; the second group doesn’t carry out as effectively on IQ checks, however consists of a variety of professions. What Page discovered, paradoxically, was that the varied group was finally smarter than the good group. The people within the high-IQ group might need scored higher individually on intelligence checks, however when it got here to fixing issues as a bunch, range issues greater than particular person brainpower. —Future Perfect

Diversity is how we are able to turn into collectively smarter. Diversity is the muse for creativity. There are not any finest practices for creativity, solely distinctive practices, of which we want many. We must cease in search of the subsequent finest follow and create our personal emergent practices by means of our numerous connections. Therefore, organizations must turn into information networks. An efficient information community cultivates the variety and autonomy of every employee. Those in management positions ought to foster deeper connections, developed by means of ongoing and significant conversations. These leaders know they’re simply nodes within the information community and never a particular place in a hierarchy. They guarantee variety and diversity, not management.

I promote personal knowledge mastery as a strategy to develop numerous information sources and human connections so as to take care of ambiguity and push on the boundaries of our professions. People practising PKM, in their very own methods, add to the variety of considering in organizations and society. This is why a single PKM system — one measurement matches all — would kill numerous considering, which in flip would destroy any potential for change or innovation.

PKM builds reflection into our studying and dealing, serving to us adapt to vary and new conditions. It may assist develop vital considering abilities. The self-discipline of PKM helps every individual turn into a contributing node in a information community. It is the muse for social studying. It doesn’t matter what it’s referred to as, however looking for information networks, lively sense-making, and sharing publicly, are practices that have to be widespread. This is how we take care of ambiguity and complexity.

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