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our common humanity

In the e book Blueprint, Nicholas Christakis recognized a ‘social suite’ — a variety of eight traits which might be common amongst all human societies, although not all the time manifested in the identical manner — based mostly on broad historic and anthropological analysis.

  1. Individual identification
  2. Family love
  3. In-group bias
  4. Friendship
  5. Cooperation
  6. Egalitarianism
  7. Social networks
  8. Social studying

An identical ethnographic research which examined ethics from 60 societies, throughout over 600 sources discovered seven universal rules of morality.

  1. Help your loved ones
  2. Help your group
  3. Return favors
  4. Be courageous
  5. Defer to superiors
  6. Divide sources pretty
  7. Respect others’ property

Compare these with the nine noble virtues of Nordic society.

  1. Courage
  2. Truth
  3. Honour
  4. Fidelity
  5. Discipline
  6. Hospitality
  7. Self-reliance
  8. Industriousness
  9. Perseverance

The social suite is the broadest of those lists, and is an effective option to perceive why we do sure issues. The ethical guidelines present how completely different societies have extra in common than variations, once you have a look at core values. The Nordic virtues show how timeless our sense of what’s good will be. We are derived from the identical DNA, a common historical past and ancestry, and really comparable methods of our world. Unfortunately, we’re even higher at discovering minute variations and inflating them to be vital distinctions. We share a common humanity, and any society, tradition, authorities, or faith that claims in another way will not be worthy of being known as human.

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