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in spite of the stupid

I’ve continuously mentioned that management in the present day is helping make our networks smarter. Much of what we’re is a direct impact of who we all know and work together with. Our social networks have vital affect on who we’re.

“Most of us are already aware of the direct effect we have on our friends and family; our actions can make them happy or sad, healthy or sick, even rich or poor. But we rarely consider that everything we think, feel, do, or say can spread far beyond the people we know. Conversely, our friends and family serve as conduits for us to be influenced by hundreds or even thousands of other people. In a kind of social chain reaction, we can be deeply affected by events we do not witness that happen to people we do not know. It is as if we can feel the pulse of the social world around us and respond to its persistent rhythms. As part of a social network, we transcend ourselves, for good or ill, and become a part of something much larger. We are connected.” —Connected

This is why we now have to work collectively on countering the affect of ‘stupid’ individuals. We have to know the laws of stupidity.

Law 5: A stupid particular person is the most harmful sort of particular person.
And its corollary:
A stupid particular person is extra harmful than a bandit.
We can do nothing about the stupid. The distinction between societies that collapse below the weight of their stupid residents and people who transcend them are the make-up of the non-stupid. Those progressing in spite of their stupid possess a excessive proportion of individuals appearing intelligently, those that counterbalance the stupid’s losses by bringing about positive aspects for themselves and their fellows.

Declining societies have the identical proportion of stupid individuals as profitable ones. But additionally they have excessive percentages of helpless individuals and, [Prof. Carlo] Cipolla writes, “an alarming proliferation of the bandits with overtones of stupidity.”

“Such change in the composition of the non-stupid population inevitably strengthens the destructive power of the [stupid] fraction and makes decline a certainty,” Cipolla concludes. “And the country goes to Hell.”

Consider the ‘stupidity’ of the anti-vaccination motion, based mostly on unhealthy science however fueled by worry and misinformation. To counter this kind of ‘stupidity’ we now have to know how individuals really feel. Feelings can’t be countered with mere information.

Lesson 2: don’t convey a truth to a story combat

Experts and well being professionals can arm themselves with white papers, peer reviewed research, and symposia; but when these are our solely weapons, we are going to solely ever get to date. In an period in which specialists are more and more distrusted, the “we know best” mindset is counterproductive.

Those wishing to encourage vaccination have to establish and amplify the tales that emerge from the actual lives and lived experiences of individuals in their communities (to begin, they should pay attention for them). It is not any coincidence that the handiest local weather advocacy in the world proper now comes from the improvisations and tales of a 16 12 months previous woman slightly than the strategic plans of a generations previous establishment. —BMJ: New Power versus Old

If we don’t wish to dwell in a ‘stupid’ society then it’s as much as us to do one thing about it. We are the media.

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