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mapping stories

This previous week I’ve been studying interview transcripts for a shopper. After studying a number of of those 20-page paperwork it turned clear what was in a position to maintain my consideration — stories, particularly first particular person accounts. I additionally keep in mind the stories significantly better than the overall discussions or recommendation given. One of the best definitions of storytelling is by Jonathan Gottschall in The Storytelling AnimalStory = Character + Predicament + Attempted Extrication.

Roger Schank has coated story telling and data administration in nice element. Here are some highlights from a 2010 DARPA presentation.

  • Comprehension means “mapping your stories onto my stories”. It’s tough to speak with somebody who has completely different stories.
  • Stories: ought to be filled with particulars however brief
  • Lecture: folks can’t take into consideration what they’re considering and hearken to the speaker on the similar time
  • Stories, to be efficient, should not be too summary for the particular person listening. Listeners should have the ability to take up the stories.
  • In good stories, we don’t give solutions.

I had beforehand labored with stories on a shopper undertaking to implement an ‘institutional memory’ system. This shopper was rising at a fast price and wished workers sooner or later to know the previous of the group. We realized that to be efficient, institutional reminiscence — particularly the selections taken over time — must be a part of the workflow of any data employee doing complicated work and making choices.

Ewen Le Borgne writes that, “Institutional reminiscence feeds off sturdy private data administration amongst particular person workers members”. Personal knowledge mastery is a set of processes, individually constructed, to assist every of us make sense of our world and work extra successfully. PKM is an ongoing means of filtering info from our networks, creating data individually and with our groups, after which discerning with whom and when to share the artifacts of our data. PKM helps to place our data maps on the market for others to see.

The area of information administration is nothing with out folks engaged within the course of. Viola Spolin, creator of the ‘Theater Games’ actor coaching system, stated that, “Information is a weak type of communication.” But, it may be improved, as Gary Schwartz notes, “Story turns into necessary within the ordering of all this info.” Stories are the glue, holding info collectively in some semblance of order, for our brains to course of into data.

But time and place for telling stories are additionally necessary. In Working the Past: Narrative and Institutional Memory  Charlotte Linde discusses the significance of ‘occasions’ in sharing institutional reminiscence. “Without the occasion, the story rarely or never gets told”. Linde concludes that, “A story not having a proper occasion on which it can or must be told exists in an archive if it exists at all. An institution not having a range of occasions for telling stories is not likely to be working its past very hard.” My personal experience in the military displays many alternative events, from formal to very relaxed, wherein to share stories.

For instance, whereas any firm’s institutional reminiscence ought to be what Linde refers to as an open canon, or one which has new stories added over time, there may be additionally a spot for an official model of sure stories. An instance is the primary licensed historical past of MidWest Insurance, printed in 1955 and nonetheless printed for inner use. Linde at first questioned if the guide was extra for present than use.

I started to wonder if the guide was displayed as a talisman of loyalty or whether or not it actually was learn. When I mused on this query to a district supervisor I had come to know, she assured me that she used it on a regular basis. I requested what she used it for. Her reply was that she “mined it for stories” for speeches, since she had come to the corporate comparatively just lately, and that she didn’t know the historical past “by blood”, that’s, she didn’t come from a MidWest household, and had joined MidWest in the midst of her profession.

We are hard-wired to inform and keep in mind stories. It most likely started once we began to take a seat round a fireplace. Early people might have diverged from different primates once they started consuming meat. This meat was doubtless burnt from frequent lightning strikes on the African savanna. They didn’t even must understand how begin a fireplace, solely learn how to preserve one going. Eating cooked meat gave a a lot increased caloric consumption and human brains grew considerably bigger than their primate cousins.

As people developed a style for cooked meat and a supply of fixed fireplace at their campsites, they needed to work collectively socially. Hunting or gathering through the day was very task-focused however within the night teams of our ancestors sat across the fireplace for cover. This is the place storytelling started. Modern day Ju/’hoansi of the Kalahari Desert replicate this of their day by day routine — ‘daytime talk’ and ‘fireside talk’ are fairly completely different. The vocabulary of the latter is far bigger and evenings are far more engaged in storytelling. This is without doubt one of the preliminary premises of Edward O. Wilson’s guide, The Origins of Creativity.

However, I’ll shut with a phrase of warning. While storytelling abilities could also be necessary, a vital community period talent — as we get inundated with stories on social media — would be the potential to deconstruct stories, or story skepticism. Thinking critically about how a narrative impacts us emotionally is necessary earlier than hitting the Tweet or Post buttons that at the moment are so helpful on our sensible units. We have to develop into story skeptics so the various rising and misleading storytellers don’t lead us astray.

mapping stories

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