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[100%Off] Accounting-Bonds Payable, Notes Payable, Liabilities Udemy Coupon

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[100%Off] Accounting-Bonds Payable, Notes Payable, Liabilities Udemy Coupon

Course Instructor:

Robert (Bob) Steele

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Course Descreption:

[100% Off] Accounting-Bonds Payable, Notes Payable, Liabilities Udemy Coupon

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Bonds payable, notes payable, and liabilities will introduce the idea of bonds from a company perspective and clarify the right way to document the issuance of bonds and notes payable.

We will focus on the journal entry for issuing bonds at par worth, at a reduction, and at a premium.

The course will cowl current worth calculations in a number of codecs. Present worth calculations are sometimes complicated to learners partially as a result of the subject will be launched in some ways. We will take a look at numerous methods to calculate current worth and clarify after we would use every. We will calculate current values utilizing formulation and algebra, utilizing current worth tables, and utilizing Microsoft Excel features.

We will calculate the problem value of bonds and focus on why the problem value usually differs from the par worth or face quantity of a bond.

The course will cowl the journal entry associated to the retirement of a bond, each at maturity and earlier than maturity.

We will introduce notes payable, document journal entries associated to taking out an installment word, and construct amortization tables associated to notes payable. Amortization tables assist us document the correct transactions when making funds on a word payable and likewise present us with a good suggestion of what curiosity is, how it’s calculated, and why.

This course will focus on adjusting entries that can be utilized in an accounting system to assist simplify the information entry course of.

We will focus on the right way to create the legal responsibility part of the stability sheet breaking out present and long-term parts. We will focus on totally different strategies for recording the present portion and long-term portion of installment notes.

This course will focus on various kinds of bonds and bond traits.

We will exhibit totally different strategies for amortizing reductions and premiums together with the straight-line methodology and efficient methodology, discussing the professionals and cons of every.

This course will describe the variations between a capital lease and working lease and when a lease should be recorded as a capital lease.

We may also have a complete drawback designed to take a step again and take into consideration your complete accounting cycle.

In addition to the academic movies, this course will embrace downloadable  

•    Downloadable PDF Files  

•    Excel Practice Files  

•    Multiple Choice Practice Questions  

•    Short Calculation Practice Questions  

•    Discussion Questions  

The PDF information permit us to obtain reference info we will use offline and as a information to assist us work by the fabric.  

Excel observe information shall be preformatted in order that we will give attention to the adjusting course of and studying a few of the fundamentals of Excel, like addition, subtraction, and cell relationships.  

Multiple alternative instance query helps us enhance our test-taking expertise by decreasing the data into the dimensions and format of a number of alternative questions and discussing the right way to method these questions.  

Short calculation questions assist us scale back issues which have some calculation right down to a brief format that could possibly be utilized in a number of alternative questions.  

Discussion Question will present a possibility to debate these subjects with the teacher and different college students, a course of many college students discover very useful as a result of it permits us to see the subject from totally different viewpoints.  

Who will we be studying from?  

You shall be studying from any person who has technical expertise in accounting ideas and in accounting software program like QuickBooks, in addition to expertise educating and placing collectively curriculum.  

You shall be studying from any person who’s a:  

•    CPA – Certified Public Accountant  

•    CGMA – Chartered Global Management Accountant  

•    Master of Science in Taxation  

•    CPS – Certifies Post-Secondary Instructor  

•    Curriculum Development Export  

As a training CPA the teacher has labored with many technical accounting points and helped work by them and focus on them with shoppers of all ranges.  

As a CPS and professor, the teacher has taught many accounting lessons and labored with many college students within the fields of accounting, enterprise, and enterprise functions.  

The teacher additionally has a number of expertise designing programs and studying how college students study greatest and the right way to assist college students obtain their targets. Experience designing technical programs has additionally profit in with the ability to design a course in a logical vogue and cope with issues associated to technical subjects and the usage of software program like QuickBooks Pro.  

Content Includes:  

·         How to document the issuance of bonds

·         How to document bonds issued at a premium

·         How to document bonds issued at a reduction

·         Present worth (PV) Calculations Using Formulas

·         Present worth (PV) Calculations Using Tables

·         Present worth (PV) Calculations Excel

·         Calculate Bond Issue Price

·         How to document bond retirement

·         Description of notes payable

·         How to create an amortization desk

·         Adjusting entries for notes payable

·         How to document present and long-term liabilities

·         Types of bonds and bond traits

·         Calculate the efficient amortization methodology

·         Explain what a capital lease and working lease is

·         Comprehensive accounting drawback

Instructors: Robert (Bob) Steele

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