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the dark side of communities

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learning is the work

Communities play a big position in how we relate to others and understand ourselves. I’m a member of a number of on-line communities and handle one myself — the perpetual beta coffee club. Communities are greater than social networks. Our open social networks could also be nice locations for serendipitous connections however they don’t seem to be secure locations to have deeper conversations or to expose our points of view. Communities of practice, which are sometimes short-term,  can present the connective house between long-term free social networks and momentary work groups. Communities are connectors. They are important. We all need an inner circle to assist our studying and make sense of our experiences. 

learning is the work


However, there’s a dark side to networks — they’ll incubate constant outrage or turn into petri dishes for hate.

There can also be a dark side to communities  — they’ll strengthen bias and assist hate teams to not simply type however take motion.

Charlottesville was deliberate on Facebook,” [Professor] Squire [Elon University] mentioned. “Extremists are definitely using Facebook groups to plan physical, real-world events or just to make their lives a little smaller, to find friends.” —Reveal News

Communities can reinforce prejudice.

“[Professor] Crothers [Illinois State University], who has spent hundreds of hours alongside law enforcement officers researching another book, said the very nature of police work can make officers susceptible to conspiracy theories. Cops are being lied to constantly, he said, both by the civilians they have to deal with every day and often by the departments for which they work. In the end, he said, it can become hard to separate fact from fiction.” —Reveal News

Large communities could make hate socially acceptable.

The majority of U.S. hate crimes motivated by spiritual bias are anti-Semitic, and Reveal’s investigation discovered loads of anti-Semitic exercise in personal teams. But the public nature of the Islamophobic exercise on the platform resonates with Squire’s statement from years of monitoring Facebook: that anti-Muslim hate speech is “the last accepted form of bigotry in America.” —Reveal News

Seb Paquet famous that social media allow “ridiculously easy group-forming”. Not all teams are for the good of society. Not all communities are there to advertise democracy. We ought to all bear in mind of the dark sides of communities.

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