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PKM in action. Part 2

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In PKM in Action Part 1 I gave a couple of examples of how individuals follow personal knowledge mastery. A great way of taking a look at PKM is as a technique to enhance serendipity, or fortuitous probability encounters. Anne Adrian shared her journey of logging on to hunt, make sense, and to share data.

“Yet, the most important development of being online and placing myself in unlikely circles is where I have gained the most value … Hearing diversity in thought can give clarity. Listening and conversing with people who are not like me and who think differently than I and who have many different experiences helps me grow in understanding … Putting myself into places (online and physical places) where serendipitous discoveries can happen is not efficient, and of course, cannot be planned. Serendipity helped me discover people, concepts, and ideas that I would have never known before. Relationships–online, physical, mixed, new and old–and time and space are not easily planned. Serendipity does not map to set goals or plans. Instead serendipity has surprised me with energy, thoughts, knowledge, ideas, concepts, realizations, experiences, and relationships.”

Two of my common practices are easy however add worth over time — my book reviews and my Friday’s Finds. The former are my impressions of books that I’ve discovered fascinating, helpful, or inspiring. I solely write constructive critiques, so most of the books I’ve learn don’t get a evaluation. Friday’s Finds are my bi-weekly summaries of fascinating issues I’ve discovered on-line and now comprise more than a decade of searchable assets on all kinds of topics. Both e-book critiques and useful resource summaries are one thing anybody can do. PKM practices do not need to be troublesome.

Some individuals want extra set-step strategies. Two PKM methods I got here throughout are the Fitness Circuit and Double-loop Learning to create micro-articles. Both of those strategies could possibly be adopted in the skilled office.

Integrating PKM with group studying and data administration begins to attach private studying with collaborative work. A really low-tech method comes from the hospitality business.

“Each day, one staff member got to share in about 5-10 minutes a topic of interest just before roll-call which happens at the start of a new shift. The staff get to pick the topic and the day they would like to do the sharing. The topic could be on anything of interest or an incident they considered useful for others to learn from such as how to check-in baggage, how to deal with “weird” visitors, the place to purchase overseas magazines, what Deepavali which is a Hindu competition arising in October is all about, and so forth – in brief, matters that may assist them take care of their visitors higher.” —Green Chameleon


The greatest instance of PKM for executives is how Nokia’s Chairman, Risto Siilasmaa, got here to know machine studying (ML) as a result of everybody was speaking about it however no person might concisely clarify ML in the context of the corporate’s enterprise. Siilasmaa due to this fact took some programs, attended lectures, and realized on-line. In the top he developed a one-hour presentation for the corporate’s workers that has additionally been proven far past Nokia. The energetic follow of PKM outcomes in helping make the network smarter.

PKM will be built-in into our every day work. In describing how Apple designs its merchandise, Jony Ive likened it to a balancing act. Doing artistic work includes the fixed,  ” … battle between curiosity and the resolve and focus that’s obligatory to resolve issues.” Creative work isn’t just feeding our curiosity, but additionally studying in communities of follow, and at last collaborating carefully to resolve issues. This balancing act creates rigidity and exhibits how an perspective of perpetual beta — the flexibility to carry conflicting concepts in your thoughts and let go of them as wanted — is important for advanced, artistic work.

“Honestly, I can’t think of two ways of working, two different ways of being, that are more polar. On one hand to be constantly questioning, loving surprises, consumed with curiosity and yet on the other hand having to be utterly driven and completely focused to solve apparently insurmountable problems, even if those solutions are without precedent or reference.”

PKM is a stable framework on which you’ll construct your individual sensemaking vessel.

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