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“We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings. Resistance and change often begin in art, and very often in our art, the art of words.” —Ursula Ok. Le Guin (1929-2018)

Our households and native communities preserve us linked, however they will make us myopic. Our outward view from right here may be as binary as ‘Us and Them’. Millennia in the past, with the brand new expertise of the written phrase, we had been in a position to type methods of organizing society on a bigger scale with establishments like kingdoms, religions, and later nation states — lowering tribal rivalries however too typically creating cross-national conflicts. Later, markets and buying and selling had been prolonged with the printed phrase, and commerce helped to scale back battle so as to improve earnings. Currently the market type dominates, to the detriment of society as a complete, because the revenue motive in the long term will impoverish the earth. For instance, Canada tried to make use of the market to deal with its waste, which has recently backfired. We want new methods to take care of international points, and neither an institutional nor a market method can take care of them.

“times change … well sort of” —@cartoonralph

Neither the tribal type, our establishments, or the market are enough to deal with the wants of a community society with international challenges — local weather change, air pollution, environmental degradation, refugees, and many others. A brand new networked organizational type is required. This is already understood by each the far Left and Right — innovation comes from the edge, nearly by no means from the centre. New types of leadership are rising, primarily based on status as a substitute of kinship, hierarchy, or competitors.


“The current wave of protests in Hong Kong is leaderless … But the lack of a centralised leadership is also a result of the online, organic tactics. Protesters use online forums such a LIHKG – a kind of local, lo-fi version of Reddit where users comment and vote on posts – as well as Telegram chat groups (the larger among these have tens of thousands of members), where the poll function enables participants to vote on next steps: should the protesters stay on or disperse? Protesters vote on the spot, and act accordingly.” —New Statesman


“So [the far Right] present a complete ideological manifesto that goals to elucidate the reasoning behind their actions in addition to to encourage others to comply with of their steps.

In the previous, solely leaders of far-right teams did this. Now, it’s frequent amongst lone-wolf perpetrators, such because the alleged perpetrator in El Paso.

In the previous decade, the language of white supremacists has reworked in necessary methods. It crossed nationwide borders, broadened its focus and has been influenced by present mainstream political discourse.” —The Conversation

Many of those actions are leaderless, networked, self-organizing, and worldwide. Tribes (communities), establishments, and markets should work collectively to create a brand new networked type of group and governance. We have some examples however these are on the early experimentation stage. Our greatest hope is to maintain experimenting. We can’t surrender hope and revert to our tribal roots. In this case, studying actually is the work in the present day. We should discover ways to set up our world higher. This is the problem for everybody, in any group. Try new methods of organizing, be taught out of your errors, and share what you may have discovered.

The shift to the community period, with networks (electrical energy) dominating over markets (print), began over 150 years in the past, however we now have solely just lately been conscious of the affect. Some media researchers like Marshall McLuhan noticed its potential impacts — “News, far more than art, is artifact.” — “Politics offers yesterday’s answers to today’s questions.” — “The ignorance of how to use new knowledge stockpiles exponentially.” — “The future of the book is the blurb.” An electrical (quadriform — T+I+M+N) society is rising. The leadership problem in the present day is to make it work and never fall again into tribalism.


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