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sensemaking in a liquid world

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sensemaking in a liquid world

The printing press modified the world. It launched new types of expression and enabled higher and quicker data sharing. Print enabled particular person interpretation of the bible and resulted in the questioning of the established Christian church and later the Protestant Reformation. Written manuscripts grew to become out of date luxurious objects. A brand new public discourse was enabled by print and the following literacy of extra individuals. Of course the darkish sides of printed works embody propaganda, jingoism, and xenophobia.

Electric, or digital, distribution of written phrases adjustments the character of the medium, simply as print initially modified the handwritten phrase. With prompt world publishing, anybody can develop into an ‘influencer’, whether or not for a four-year electoral time period or a mere ’15 minutes of fame’. This prompt transmission of opinions confuses them with details and erodes religion in conventional specialists, like scientists, therefore a rise in once-eradicated illnesses resulting from an unwillingness to get vaccinated.

“The MMR vaccine immunises towards measles, mumps and rubella … A gradual fall in the uptake of the MMR jab means the UK has now misplaced its measles free standing, simply three years after the virus was eradicated.
Currently, solely 87.2% of youngsters have the second dose of the vaccine.” —Sky News 2019-08-19

The borderless and ‘liquid’ transmission of knowledge makes for a world oral cacophony. The result’s typically false narratives utilized by demagogues to realize consideration and energy. Even in Canada, science could also be politicized in the course of the subsequent election marketing campaign as a result of the chief of 1 minor social gathering has an ‘opinion’ that local weather change will not be actual.

“An Elections Canada official told groups in a training session earlier this summer that since Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, has expressed doubts about the legitimacy of climate change, any group that promotes it as an issue in its paid advertising could be considered partisan and might need to register as a third party with Elections Canada … Because of that, Elections Canada is warning that any third party that advertises information about carbon dioxide as a pollutant or climate change as an emergency could be considered to be indirectly advocating against Bernier and his party.” —CBC News 2019-08-19


With each a part of the political spectrum feeding us faux information and the occasions in far-off international locations having results on our personal borders, every citizen in a democracy has to develop into an aggressively knowledgeable sense-maker. Today, the world is liquid, with few laborious borders to cease data movement — each true & false. Having unfettered entry to unfettered data is now not sufficient. But we will every do one thing.

As people we will get out of our close-knit communities and cultural silos with a mere click on. We can ignore the bots, trolls, and propagandists and as an alternative hook up with actual individuals, doing actual work in different elements of the world. From these networks we will then get actual information about what is going on in the world. Citizenship in the community period begins with personal knowledge mastery — making sense of the networked world on our personal and with our fellow residents.

Critical pondering — the questioning of underlying assumptions, together with our personal — is turning into all-important as now we have to make our method in the community period. One strategy to body it, is as 4 predominant actions.

  • Observing and learning our fields
  • Participating in skilled and social communities
  • Building tentative opinions
  • Challenging and evaluating concepts

Critical pondering should be practiced. Social media are instruments that may assist us develop emergent practices. They can allow world conversations. Social media can facilitate the sharing of implicit information by means of conversations to tell the collaborative growth of emergent work practices. Conversations that push our limits allow essential pondering, and the questioning of our assumptions.

Critical pondering takes follow. Living in such a state of perpetual beta could be uncomfortable. The secret’s to be engaged in our studying. It requires robust opinions, loosely held. That means going out on a limb figuring out we could criticized. It additionally means placing forth half-baked concepts, which over time and publicity could turn into one thing extra stable.

One of our fixed challenges can be discovering the precise data.  Our networks might help us assume critically — if they’re open, clear, and most significantly, numerous. From our exterior communities and networks we will uncover new concepts and opinions. This is the place serendipity typically beckons. In a liquid world, our communities and networks can hold us afloat, however now we have to first construct our ‘knowledge rafts’. Together we will study to navigate the rising ‘liquid-modern culture’.

“Ironically, in an age of instant global connection, my certainty about anything has decreased. Rather than receiving truth from an authority, I am reduced to assembling my own certainty from the liquid stream of facts flowing through the web. Truth, with a capital T, becomes truths, plural. I have to sort the truths not just about things I care about, but about anything I touch, including areas about which I can’t possibly have any direct knowledge. That means that in general I have to constantly question what I think I know. We might consider this state perfect for the advancement of science, but it also means that I am more likely to have my mind changed for incorrect reasons.” —Kevin Kelly

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