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info disorder

Every fortnight I curate a number of the observations and insights that have been shared on social media. I name these Friday’s Finds.

“The ingenuity of the average worker is sufficient to outwit any system of controls devised by management.” —Douglas McGregor, by way of @flowchainsensei

Stephen Downes — “If we could be programmed even a little bit, what does that say in regards to the relation between schooling, ethics, and propaganda?”

@duncan_stuart“Hong Kong is a good example right now of why citizens should not live in a cashless society. With cold cash comes a degree of freedom.”

@euvieivanova“If you want to get better at something, you have to stress the system to increase its capacity. You don’t get fit unless you exercise. You don’t become more aware unless you train in meditation or similar. You don’t become better at sensemaking with only soundbites and tweets.”

Ebola Outbreak Still Rages

I as soon as requested one among our native employees why there was a lot anger in direction of the Ebola response. She answered: “My husband was killed in a massacre in Beni. At that time, all I wanted was some organization to come protect us from the killings, but no international organization came. I have had three children die of malaria. No international organization has ever come to work in this area to make sure we have access to health care or clean water. But now Ebola arrives, and all the organizations come because Ebola gives them money. If you cared about us, you would ask us our priorities. My priority is security and making sure my children don’t die from malaria or diarrhea. My priority is not Ebola. That is your priority.”

@janfrimanCare to make a difference

At Houdini sportswear, designers repeatedly ask:

Does this product deserve existence?
Is it versatile sufficient?
Will it age with magnificence?
Nothing added that isn’t wanted, proper?
Will or not it’s simple to restore?
Is it sturdy sufficient for our rental program?
Does it have an end-of-life resolution?

Misinformation has created a new world disorder

A fancy internet of societal shifts is making individuals extra vulnerable to misinformation and conspiracy. Trust in establishments is falling due to political and financial upheaval, most notably by ever widening earnings inequality. The results of local weather change have gotten extra pronounced. Global migration tendencies spark concern that communities will change irrevocably. The rise of automation makes individuals concern for his or her jobs and their privateness.

Bad actors who wish to deepen present tensions perceive these societal tendencies, designing content material that they hope will so anger or excite focused customers that the viewers will grow to be the messenger. The aim is that customers will use their very own social capital to bolster and provides credibility to that authentic message.

info disorder

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